10 confessions of an unestablished, undiscovered 23-year-old writer

  1. I don’t have a college degree. Not even half of one, actually. I dropped out of a small state college late into my sophomore year.
  2. I graduated high school with high honors and a nearly full-ride scholarship, which was lost half way through my second semester for personal reasons.
  3. I don’t have a single piece of “published” work (excluding what I’ve posted here).
  4. I’ve never entered a writing contest, nor have I wanted to.
  5. When writing, I feel as if I have no idea what I’m doing. This applies to most everything else I do, too. In fact, I feel that way now. Damn it.
  6. Currently, there are three stories living inside of my head–all of which I wish to write. They’re unwritten because…
  7. I lack confidence in my writing. I have the discipline to write them, and the time, but not the confidence or belief in myself.
  8. I earned my college credits for English in high school, making it 5 years since I’ve taken any kind of writing class *questions skill set even further*.
  9. I secretly think each time I show someone an unfinished piece of work, it becomes jinxed–therefore I cannot finish it, and MUST start over.
  10. Nothing irks me more than someone saying, “Hurry up and finish your book. It can’t be that hard!”…*heavy breathing while snapping a pencil in half*



5 thoughts on “10 confessions of an unestablished, undiscovered 23-year-old writer

  1. All you need is an engaging style of writing that holds the reader’s attention and a rich imagination, if you are contemplating fiction. I can definitely vouch for the first, going by your posts. And there is always a first time to be published. You are so young and there’s loads of time ahead – so don’t hesitate, just go for it 🙂

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    1. Funny you comment at the exact moment I had a breakthrough! Randomly, an end to a story fell into my head. I’ve spent the last day writing it, and now have a beginning, too. Looks like I’m on to something for the first time in what feels like AGES! So, as you’ve just said, I’m going for it with this one! 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging words.

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