I’m too thrilled not to share!

About 10 days ago, I sat myself down and said, “Destinee, you’ve got a story to tell, now tell it!”

And so, I sat my butt down on the couch, legs folded and laptop and tea in hand, and started writing.

A while ago, I posted about struggling with writing a different story at the time. I had only made it then, to page 24 in two months time.

And now, with this new story at heart, and the motivation to bring a personal struggle to light with those I know are fighting it also, I’ve got some news!

It may not be much, but in 10 days (while working full-time and doing that thing called socializing), I’ve just hit 7,000 words at 36 pages!

It’s small, yes, but undoubtedly significant.

I’ve found my story. Now it’s time to tell it.


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